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My work with Hydraulic Force, a local London, ON company offering hydraulic services

This is a snapshot of the website before the theme change.  The client faced several challenges, mainly that the site was not mobile friendly and it lacked in the SEO department.


Although the site was optimized for some great key phrases it also contained key phrases that were too vague and irellevant.  In addition, the Products and Services pages had no further links which means that the individual Products and Services had no pages to be optimized.  These two pages needed to be re-structured.

Great site, but what is it missing

I really enjoyed working with this client.   The original site, which was indeed very attractive, especially considering the specific type of product, was not designed with SEO in mind.   The site was very basic.  Although the business offered various services and products, the search engines could not find those offers because the individual pages did not exist.

Hey, what about SEO

This theme is very attractive in my opinion.  The layout and navigation are easy to follow and navigate.  However, there are two very serious problems with the design and layout of the site.  First of all, the site is not SEO friendly, meaning that many of the key search phrases for the services and products of the site did not exist.

As a solution, the new website included pages for all the important services and products. The relevant products and services now have their own pages which are optimized specifically to the content.  This means means that the page has additional side doors which can be found by the search engines.

Hey, what about mobile

The other problem that was a hindrance to the client was that the current WordPress theme. Although  Thematic was attractive, it was certainly not mobile friendly.

oldThemeNotMobileThis is how the theme rendered on an iPhone 5. You cannot see the entire logo and the menu is much too big.

Notice the phone button on the bottom right.  It is a WordPress plugin called Call Now Button which allows mobile users to click and call.  This was requested by the client and a great little free plug that will help impress clients.  Even with this change, the theme still needed help.

So, plugin called WP Mobile Edition was installed which just gave a very standard view of the site.



It was very clear that this site needed some help.  It needed better SEO and and an attractive and mobile friendly theme.

Moving forward, the first thing I did was create pages for each product and service that the client wanted to have found in Google and other search engines.  It is important for all  searches or key phrases to have their own page.

The new chosen theme was called Enigma, and it worked very well with mobile.

Below is a snapshot of the new theme Enigma





Here is how the new theme renders on an iPhone.

Do you remember how it looked with the old theme oldThemeNotMobile


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