Raw Farmacy

Please click here to visit website Kelly’s website focuses on a healthy life style by sharing information about healthy eating such as recipes, oils and articles. Raw Farmacy was created from scratch and required a blog section which is displayed by category, and E-commerce to showcase Kelly’s offerings.

Counselling 4 Personal Growth

Visit Counselling 4 Personal Growth It was fun to work on Adela’s new site Counselling 4 Personal Growth. This website was completely re-branded with a new domain and a new logo. The majority of the content was kept from the old site and updated.  New content was also created and menu was re-vised.

Happy Rock Holistics

Happy Rock Holistics URL: http://happyrockholistics.com Happy Rock Holistics was a fun site to work with. It was created using content from the old website and the Etsy shop.   A new responsive theme was customized based on a warm and relaxing atmosphere which was important to Kelly. The focus of the website is Services and Products,…